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Indoor Stage Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics to make your audience scream

You might not have guessed from our name but we Love Pyro Events, On-Stage, Close Proximity, Table Top, Roof Top or High Altitude, we offer just about every Pyrotechnic effect that you can imagine and some you probably can't!

Whatever your show or tour we can provide the creative skill to help design and execute your show and to keep it safe for both performers and audiences. With our highly skilled team of Pyrotechnicians, we've provided shows for top Artists at some of the worlds most prestigious events and festivals.

Yes we specialise in Big Shows and Tours, but anyone can hire our team whether it's for a single pyro hit or a whole show. From Rock or Classical Concerts, Festivals, Club Events to Panto, Prom Nights and Weddings we're here to help, so whatever size your production, we'll be pleased to hear from you....

Don't know what you are looking for?

There are far too may options for us to show everything, but below you'll find just a few of the Pyro effects we offer to help you with ideas and to show you the sort of services we offer.

Also don't forget that pyrotechnic effects can be combined, used creatively and fired with our Digital Controllers they can give some amazing effects.

Stage Gerbs & Jets

A Gerb (That's pronounced Jerb), is a fountain effect that produces a column of silver or gold sparks. A 'Jet' is still in fact a Gerb, but it's very fast burning and generally lasts just a fraction of a second. Unlike Jets, Gerbs can vary in size and duration from 1/4 second to 30 seconds and from 2m to 10m high. Often seen on TV shows, on stage and in concerts, Gerbs are a staple effect that when used creatively (especially when chased or sequenced using our Digital Pyro Controllers), can produce really spectacular effects. We can also add concussion or maroon bangs to a Gerb hit to emphasise the effect.


A single star of composition is fired up out of a tube that then burns itself at the apex of its flight. The comet can also have metal flakes in its composition which will give a silver tail as the star rises.

Stage Mines

A stage mine is an effect similar to a comet, but with multiple small stars instead of just one large one. Stage Mines come in various sizes and colours and styles can also come with tails. There are also mines that leave a crackele in the air, Flitter & Glitter mines which add variation. Like a gerb Stage Mines come in variuos heights to suit the size of your set.

Pyrotechnic Cascades & Waterfalls

A waterfall is simply a gerb that is designed to be fired upside down. With no choke or a choke with a wide hole to lessen the pressure, this lets the sparks fall slowly and without force to create a curtain of sparks. Cascades are slightly larger effects often with brighter sparks and longer durations. Heights and durations can be vaied to suit the set and we can incorporate effects like 'falling stars' into cascades for a variation. We also have a very slow falling effect called an ember waterfall, that's perfect for those moody ballads.

Airbursts, Robotics & Electrical Fault Simulators

An airbust is a small package of powder that is suspended in the air from its igniter wire. When fired the effect explodes in the air like mini firework shells and there is no debris to come back to the ground. Robotics are similar to Airbursts but can be used to produce small explosions and to generate the kind of sparks you might get from an electrical fault arcing.