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Bubble & Snow Effects

Bubble & snow EFFECTS

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Antari B200 Bubble Machine

These are our most requested bubble machine & have a huge stock available for hire. It features four "Double Bubble Wheels" which generate a massive , continuous torrent of bubbles.

The set of 3 fans at the back of the unit spread the bubbles far and wide.Designed with lighting designers, large clubs and theatrical productions in mind, this bubble machine has DMX onboard.This provides for central control on B-200's bubble generation.

They come with hanging brackets & we can also supply truss clamps if needed.

B200 Bubble Machine Specifications

Size L 421mm W 250mm H 212.5mm
Weight (KG) - 11kg
Control - DMX
Consumption - : 20 min /1 litre
Tank Capacity - 2 litres

Antari S-200X Silent Snow Machine

With newly-developed PCB and new advanced pump, S-100X and S-200X can be even more reliable and generate 50% more snow outputs than their predecessors,S-100II and S-200.They can create both romantic snow and astonishing blizzard effects.

The only difference between S-100X and S-200X is that S-200X is “Silent” version snow machine. Its working noise level is much lower, which is great for environments where quiet condition is required.

S200X Snow Machine Specifications

Size (LXWXH) - (L 505mm W 276mm H 280mm
Weight (KG) - 11.5kg
Control - DMX
Consumption - 200 ml / min
Tank Capacity - 5 liter