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Confetti & Streamers Effects


Confetti & Streamer Systems - Powershots

Your one stop hire shop for Confetti Equipment, we have confetti cannons, blasters, blowers and swirl fans, stadium shots and much, much more for short or long term hire and with 24 hour delivery.

We also provide hire arena & stadium sized equipment for touring bands and shows and can supply experienced touring technicians for UK and European tours.

The Mini blower is essentially a reverse hoover, it can vacuum and shoot out confetti continuously, to approximately 5-7m.

Confetti Blasters use CO2 to continiously launch confetti up to 25m perfect for clubs, sporting events or outdoor festivals

Airshot Duo is a confetti cannon hardware system for firing 2 confetti cannons in two different directions from one compact unit.

The Confetti Gun is a totally remote handeld system for firing 1-3 Confetti or Streamer Cannons at once.

The Powershot heads will enable the synchronised firing of two (or more) confetti cannons at the same time via a push button controller.

Swirl Fans create the perfect rain effect or petal drop in a theatre or often used for a slow raining confetti effect on a catwalk.

A one shot compressed air system which can fire up confetti & streamers up to 25m in or outdoors.