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The most powerful crisp rgb lasers

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If you've never seen a top class Laser show then you've missed a great experience, but what makes a Laser show special and why should you choose us over the competition?

First and foremost what counts above all is the quality of the Lasers themselves and without exaggeration our Kvant Laser's are some of the best Laser projectors available in the U.K., so if all you've seen up to now are Chinese made units or the home builds of LASER 'specialists', then you're in for a treat!

The other thing is experience. Even great Lasers will look bad in the wrong hands, so how the show's programmed and how creative the operator can be is what really counts for your audience.

So whether you need Lasers for a club night or dance event, for a Rock Band, Stage or TV Show, or for a Corporate event, we guarantee that our Laser shows will add something special to every performance.

What we do

We can design, programme and perform custom built multi-head laser shows for all sizes of venue and in every location. We work with lighting designers, tour managers and promoters to provide the very best laser shows for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you want a laser show to mesmerise your audience, need a 3D graphic or animation, a permanent installation in a venue or nightclub, or need to do something massive in an arena or stadium, we can handle events of any size or complexity.

For bespoke shows, long or short term Laser hire, or if you just want to find out what's possible, then please give us a call on the number below.