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Kabuki Drop FX


Available To Hire & Purchase

Looking for a kabuki drop? We hire out MagicFX PowerDrop systems which are able to hold up to 20kg to create an instantaneous and symmetrical drop of a cloth or curtain. Maybe you want to drop something for a film shoot all easily achievable with our PowerDrop Systems.

The MagicFX Power Drop system is designed for dropping backdrops (cloths) from a truss system to create a reveal. The PowerDrops have a fantastic set of uses to create beautiful effects not just in the theatre and can also be used in many other ways such as dropping objects from a height on a film set or releasing a balloon drop in a stadium.

Each Power Drop has a powercon in-out connector to control them separately or linked together in one line. As soon as the power is switched ON the system will drop using a switch pack the Power Drops can be controlled by DMX.