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ForceFX CO2 Guns

CO2 Guns are great for crowd interaction with DJs & an easy flexibly CO2 effect for small venues.

handheld Cryo Gun Effects

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Our CO2 guns are designed by us here in the UK & offers a incredible visual effect by producing an 8m white cryogenic fog plume. The ForceFX CO2 gun is lightweight, and extremely easy to use requiring no external power. This stunning, repeatable effect is perfect for DJ’s, dancers and any type of high energy performer.

These are great fun to use & can create an exciting and unexpected effect on stage. Our Co2 guns are popular with both artists and DJ's, and have been used to great effect from Ibiza festivals to local clubs.

ForceFX CO2 Gun Specifications

Overall length from Handle base (with threaded inlet) to Nozzle tip - 470mm
Overall Height - 200mm
Nozzle Diameter - 50mm
Weight (KG) - 2.7kg
Control - Manual
Consumption - Liquid CO2
Max Distance - 8M

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