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ForceFX CO2 Backpack

CO2 Backpacks use the CO2 Gun with a cylinder on the users back to get a portable CO2 Effect

Portable CO2 Effects

Available To Purchase

Want your CO2 effect to be in any part of your venue? We have created CO2 Backpacks to achieve this. Our Backpacks coupled with Co2 Guns are perfect for performance artists, dancers, stilt walkers and 'robots' as well as for promotional work, nightclubs and for co2 parties. All you have to do is attach the cylinder into the backpack & have a good time.

Available as complete kits, our backpacks are secure and comfortable to wear and can hold either a 2 kilo or 5 kilo Co2 tank. We also sell replacement parts, hoses and tanks as well as portable Co2 fill rigs so you can fill your portable tanks from large Co2 cylinders.

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